Thursday, December 9, 2010

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

Fooled you! It's not really on fire, but what it is, is finished. All done. Ktxbai.
I don't have anything else to really say about it. It's done. *dances*
Doors next and maybe some ornamentation and I might can call this build 'almost done'. Go me ^.^


  1. You so ROCK T!!!

    Vicky looks teh awesomesauce (TM southie)

  2. Congratulations! Like you said, it's "Almost done". Be warned you are about to enter into what I call the "Tweaking phase". That's where you make small adjustments (texture alignment, moving this prim or that prim "Just a Hair.", tinting of windows, etc) That can take as long or longer than the main build itself. For example, I built the reception center (posts in my blog) rather quickly. Now it's the details and the tweaking mode and there is a lot of stuff for me to do.

    But yes, I agree your build looks really nice.

  3. Thank you, deson and yes omg, I'm resisting the urge to tweak. Inspecting seams over and over in different lighting. *giggles* Don't get me started!

  4. It's ok to Tweak some. Just be careful not to become obsessive. The tweaking is what separates a so so build from a good one. For me, I always put off tweaking until the next day after the main build if time is not of major worry. That way you're fresh and relaxed. Since you are dealing with detailed work you don't want to accidentally "twitch" and send a prim across the sim. When you get tired then it's time to stop. If you feel like you're getting frustrated then stop. You wouldn't believe how much effort I had to stop "Tweaking" in the Maze. I know that there is still stuff to do but I got other things on my plate with priority at the moment.