Thursday, November 25, 2010

Itty Bitty Gothic Prefab of Almost Doneness \o/

We still lack a front step, but the build is otherwise complete.

Second floor Balcony of Awesome Balconyness
Stair of Spiralyness

Trapdoor of Trappyness ^.^

Houston, we have a problem. I can't package it and sell it. I've tried it in a box and in a rezzer and the problem I'm having is that everything scripted (all the doors of Epic Dooryness - trapdoor and cell included) only stay positioned and open and close properly if the castle is oriented to face north. I've tried linking the doors and unlinking the doors and repositioning and resetting the scripts and I just don't know what else to do. I'm guessing there's some voodoo script magic I'm supposed to do here, but uhm...I'm proud I got scripts in the doors.
So, cute lil castle, almost ready for anyone who only wants to live facing north x.x
Perhaps a voodoo script magic faerie will descend upon me while I'm finishing the stair and modding textures for the second floor.


  1. Update! The swinging doors are now linked AND they open properly no matter which direction the castle faces. Thank you Bridget!
    Now to figure out the sliding doors that don't seem to give a damn about root prims and other such things.

  2. \o/ Just prior to running away to consume mass quantities, I found a LINKABLE SLIDING DOOR SCRIPT that works perfectly *dance dance* The castle, she is really almost and actually complete. I'm messing around now with making some optional landscaping for it, to include moat \o/

  3. I totally lol'ed at people only facing north- but I am glad the rest is resolving :D